Welcome to the 2020 online edition of Colorado Fun, the go-to visitor guide to Southern Colorado and the  Front Range (Greater Pikes Peak Region) First published in April 2016, Colorado Fun has grown and thrived every year since. Starting with 25,000 copies, we increased our print run every year, topping out at 125,000 in 2019.  

But this year is different. The novel coronavirus has made it impossible to distribute, display and effectively reach visitors with a high-quality free print magazine, so for the moment we’re online and social media only. As I write this publisher’s note, cases are once again on the upswing in Colorado, so we may not be able to put out a print magazine until early Spring 2021. It’s a challenge, for sure – but we’re grandfathering in all of our advertisers and sponsors, and it’ll be a relief to get back to something approaching normal. 

We’ve all had challenges this year, but starting and sustaining a small business of any kind is never easy. When I decided to start Colorado Fun, I was sure that the greater Pikes Peak Region needed a really high-quality visitor magazine, but I really didn’t have enough money to do it. Our initial capitalization was a $20 deposit at Pikes Peak National Bank! So I did it all; created a marketing package, hired a creative team, editor and writers, refined the sales pitch and started selling. I had 40 years of experience in the newspaper business, managing big sales teams and putting out dozens of different print and online products. I needed to convince our sponsor advertisers that Colorado Fun was a worthwhile advertising opportunity, that our rates were competitive and that I’d get the magazine out in May. 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer that January, but we couldn’t slow down. We created great stories, designed a beautiful magazine and I sold every ad in the 100-page first issue. 

Meanwhile, we negotiated a great deal with the printer, put together an amazing design team and printed 25,000 copies  – perfect bound on best quality glossy paper. I did all the distribution, as well – lugging around bundles of magazines in the back of my car all through the Pikes Peak Region. It was completely advertiser-supported, so it was free. We distributed to Hotels, Visitor Centers, Attractions, Restaurants and Retail. 

Four and a half years later, I’m a survivor – and so is Colorado Fun! You’ll find fascinating stories here about the friendly ghosts of Cripple Creek, about camping and glamping (glamping is definitely more comfortable!), Outdoor Adventures, and about wolves, dogs and wolf hybrids (a tip: if you think you can deal with a pet wolf/dog hybrid, read this story first!) and many others. 

Enjoy your stay and check out our advertisers. Many have been with us since our first issue, and we’re proud to have them aboard. Enjoy your stay in our beautiful state, and come back soon…or better still, stay here and put down roots. 

That’s what I did.



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