No longer limited to Hollywood insiders, the aesthetics industry is booming with over 2,100 medical spas across the U.S.  Clients are not only women over 40 looking to smooth out wrinkles and delay aging; a more mainstream market is emerging with consumer demand from younger clients and men who are becoming more proactive about enhancing personal health and appearance. New technologies, along with reasonable prices, are giving the med spa industry a boost, making cosmetic procedures more accessible for everyone.

“The industry has grown significantly and expects a 15 to 20 percent increase per year over the next 5 years due to advances in non-invasive cosmetic procedures and new technologies in laser equipment,” says Dr. Lisa Jenks, owner of Genesis MedSpa. She responded by adding four new treatment rooms and a men’s waiting are, a major expansion that nearly doubled her spa size.

According to a study by Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. the increase “translated to an estimated $3.9 billion spent nationally on Medical Spa services in 2016”—remarkable growth for an industry that emerged only a decade ago. “It is such an exciting time to be in aesthetic medicine with new procedural and product developments. It can also be overwhelming for the consumer with all of the options. So, education is very important,” Dr. Jenks explains. Genesis MedSpa prides itself on providing continuous education for its doctors, aestheticians, and clients. “We spend as much time with the client as they need to customize their skincare and treatment plan and frequently host free educational events.”

When it comes to aesthetic medicine, the age-old dilemma of time versus money has receded as new, cost-effective treatments produce faster results with little to no downtime. “It’s a great time to get older,” said Dr. Nathan Trookman, Medical Director at Rocky Mountain Laser Center and the Colorado Springs Dermatology Clinic. “These new technologies are beyond anything we’ve ever been able to offer. People can have treatments over their lunch hour and return to work.”

A nationally recognized speaker, author, lecturer, and trainer for several laser and injectable companies, Dr. Trookman has observed, “The most highly sought, non-invasive procedures today include Botox, fillers, and intense pulse lift lasers.”  With so many new medical spas popping up in the region, both Dr. Trookman and Dr. Jenks caution on the importance of choosing one with board certified doctors and experienced medical professionals invested in the latest training, equipment, and best practices. With the advantage of being co-located, the Colorado Springs Dermatology Clinic and Rocky Mountain Laser Center feature medical and cosmetic dermatology professionals under one roof. With expertise in conditions ranging from psoriasis to skin cancer, the two organizations offer surgical dermatology, lasers, Botox, filler, and non-invasive fat remodeling. Together, they serve more patients than any other cosmetic dermatology clinic in southern Colorado. Body contouring through Cool Sculpting is a procedure that uses precisely controlled, pressurized freezing to target fat cells underneath the skin. Dr. Trookman describes Cool Sculpting as permanently removing around 25 percent of fat cells within 25 to 45 minutes with no surgery or downtime, and is customized to the patient as to the number of necessary treatments. “If you can pinch it, we can freeze it,” he says.

Popularized by Kim Kardashian as the “Vampire Facial,” another innovative process in aesthetic medicine today uses growth factors and platelet rich plasma (PRP) to promote tissue rejuvenation. Dr. Trookman says its efficacy in the treatment of scarring, skin rejuvenation, tightening, and hair restoration (particularly hormonal hair loss) is unparalleled. “The treatment uses tiny needles to create controlled microchannels to the skin that stimulate collagen and elastin production. Adding the enriched portion of your autologous blood (platelet-rich plasma) prepared by centrifugation stimulates new growth factors at the molecular level.”

Beyond the latest technology, top clinics continuously invest in customer service. Genesis MedSpa has won the coveted Better Business Bureau Excellence in Customer Service Award for three years. Genesis offers a wide spectrum of cosmetic services ranging from medical grade facials and make-up consulting to more aggressive procedures such as advanced injectables, laser skin resurfacing, fillers, lasers, liposuction, and hair and tattoo removal.

Men account for almost 10 percent of all cosmetic procedures nationwide. Dr. Jenks notes that KYBELLA®, an FDA-approved injectable that destroys fat cells to reduce a double chin, has been a major draw for men and women alike. Studio 27 in Old Colorado City is a day spa/medical spa hybrid combining medically directed, physician-supervised aesthetic treatments with services such as skin care, anti-aging, permanent makeup, weight loss, and brow design. Studio 27 is located in a historic building at 2631 West Colorado Avenue. Owner Michael Renee Bradburry has plans to expand into the upper level and offer more educational events and seminars. “There is so much competition in the medical spa world. It’s important to listen to the needs of the client and find your niche,” says Bradburry, a registered nurse who performs medical procedures.  “We offer a small, boutique atmosphere that brings the best of both worlds to our clients by focusing on customized, minimally invasive, medical grade injectables like Botox, Juvaderm, laser hair removal, and photofacials in a serene, intimate setting.”

Lisa Durham, certified aesthetician, specializes in all levels of skin care from medical grade peels to microdermabrasion. Erin Hill, an artist and former instructor at Bemis Art School, designed the spa as a soothing environment in soft, relaxing tones of grey, crystal, white, and teal.  “Our business is ultimately not about vanity,” she observes. “Our core philosophy is to find what inspires each of our clients and to customize treatments that bring out their inner beauty and self-confidence.”

The team works collaboratively, combining cosmetic and medical treatments, emphasizing the personal touch and creating an individual care portfolio. “We have treated men and women who have survived cancer or who are battling medical conditions,” Hill explains. “Many people need more one-on-one attention.

Permanent make-up design, for example, can give people eyebrows back who may have lost them during chemotherapy, camouflage surgery scars, or tattoo an areola for someone who lost their breasts to cancer.”

Whether large clinic or small boutique, the medical spa industry is changing rapidly, thanks to new technologies and services. Medical grade cosmetics, anti-aging technologies, facial treatments, precision lasers, injectables, and body sculpting techniques are attracting men and women of all ages. Today’s med spas offer speed, sophistication, affordability, and, most importantly, measurable and quantifiable results.