They originated in Belguim and came to American in the 1900’s!

Two crisp $20 bills from my money jar that sat on top of the tall wooden bookcase in my room, and stuffed it into my little black leather purse. I put on my flowy blue shorts and a gray v-neck shirt, then brushed my lashes with Loreal’s Best mascara and fixed my hair combing through each intricate tangle and knot. I wanted to be sure I looked presentable for today since I knew I would want to take lots of pictures when I got there.  Once I was finished getting ready, I headed upstairs, grabbed a quick snack, then my dad and I hopped in the car, thus beginning our mini road trip.

The car ride was long and strenuous. We entertained ourselves by playing various types of music and critiquing each melody as it went by.  I remember trying to look out the window and find something the slightest bit interesting to distract myself with. All that could be seen was massive rolling hills protecting the small little farmhouses from the rays of the sun on that warm spring afternoon. A couple of minutes went by and the view from my window transitioned from the farmhouses and rolling hills to Walmarts, McDonald’s and many different types of gas stations.

I knew we must be close as my excitement shot up like an eager 5-year-old about to open their presents on their birthday. I noticed the flashing little arrow of the right-hand blinker point right towards the big Walmart in which we were supposed to meet this women. We park where she told us, next to the old brown/gold Toyota Corolla in the very front of the parking lot. My dad and I got out of the car and the woman almost mirrors our actions by doing just the same thing. The only difference was that she had a little passenger covered in a little blanket resting in her arms. The woman was an average looking woman, about 5”6 with unkempt brown curly hair and a rather heavier build.  She was wearing light cargo shorts, a magenta t-shirt and a great big smile on her face as she handed me the little bundle of fluff lying in the little blanket and I gave her my two crinkled up $20 bills.

His little brown nose continuously wiggled, that was the only part of him that you could really depict from the rest of his body aside from his tall, dark brown ears.  The woman still smiling, handed me a little plastic bag with some food pellets for him to eat. As she was about to leave, she stopped for a moment and asked what his name was. I smiled with the little Lionhead bunny resting in my arms, “Kenneth Florence”
I told her.

Kayla Gross is a senior in high school and plans to major in journalism.