As recreational cannabis becomes more widely accepted across Colorado and the nation, we’re seeing an uptick in exploratory, creative activities that go hand in hand with cannabis consumption. We’ve selected some of the most unique cannabis-friendly activities* offered around the state for you to enjoy!

*All listed activities are for ages 21+.


Puff, Pass & Paint

$49 per person

Thursdays and Saturdays 7-9 p.m.

Regardless of your level of expertise, the Puff, Pass & Paint class caters to cannabis-friendly creatives looking to produce their own masterpiece. The relaxed, yet elevated atmosphere lends itself to limitless imagination — and you’re always encouraged to follow your own artistic gut!

The fee covers all paints, brushes, an 11-by-14-inch canvas panel, and any other required art supplies. The session is BYOC and the intake of cannabis in all forms is both allowed and encouraged. Don’t forget to wear clothes on which you aren’t afraid to get a little paint!

Puff, Pass & POTtery

$65 per person

Fridays 7-9 p.m.

As an alternative option offered by the Puff and Pass team, this hands-on course is taught by local potter, Jessa Decker-Smith. You will learn the ins and outs of this cannabis-friendly endeavor as she guides you through the steps to design and build your own custom ashtray. You even get to choose your pottery color and glaze!

The fee covers all materials to create the ashtray in this two-hour long course, plus firing and local shipping once the project is complete (out-of-towners will have to pay the cost of shipping). Just like for its sister class, the intake of cannabis in all forms is both allowed and encouraged, so BYOC!

Introductory Cooking with Cannabis

$89 per person

Sundays 12-3 p.m.

While many know and love infused edibles, few cannabis consumers know how to effectively and safely make their own! Fear not, this three-hour, in-depth class led by local chef Jarod Farina will dive into both the basic and more advanced culinary techniques that you can use to master cooking with cannabis products. This course will build your understanding of a variety of cannabis-specific culinary skills, such as how to properly dose THC in an infused edible.

The best part? You get to sample your tasty treats while honing your skills. The length of the class allows for ample time to ask questions and experiment, so you can leave feeling confident in your cann-abilities. Regardless of whether you’ve cooked with cannabis before or not, you’ll love this cooking with cannabis course. Similar to the others, this class is BYOC and the chef recommends brining at least 1 gram.

Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

$79 per person

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 7 p.m.

Put your skills to the test in this cannabis-friendly sushi and joint rolling course! Before getting to class, you’ll receive information on how and where to buy your cannabis for the event. While the organizers can’t legally supply the cannabis for you, this option allows the consumer to pick up their allotted 2 grams for just 10 cents from a partner dispensary (this is as close as they can get to actually including the cost of product in their pricing). Once you’ve picked up your goodies and have arrived at class, you’ll kick things off by learning how to expertly roll the perfect cone, “from filter to fuse.” After you’ve had the chance to burn your hand-rolled goodness in this 420-friendly space, you’ll sit down to tackle the art of rolling your perfect sushi roll (all ingredients included). There are many options for fillings including raw, vegetarian, and cooked options. Just follow the lead of your sushi chef and roll your way to a delicious dinner!


The Painters Pot Classes

$30 per person

By reservation only

The Painters Pot is the perfect spot for a 420-friendly private event! Founded on the idea that cannabis and creativity go hand in hand, this studio serves everyone from bachelorette parties to veterans groups. This inventive class will lead you and your friends through a step-by-step instructional with a master artist. While The Painters Pot is certainly a fun and engaging activity, the owners have gone out of their way to ensure that it also serves as a therapeutic environment, acting as a safe space for folks who may be overstimulated in standard social settings.

It is important to note that The Painters Pot is for private events only. They do not accept walk-ins and encourage you to plan ahead by registering you and your group via their website. There is a 5-person minimum and a 10-person maximum for reservations. The fee includes a canvas, paints, and paint brushes. They do not supply the cannabis, so BYOC!

Secret Stash Yoga

$12 per class

Fridays and Sundays 9-10 a.m.; Thursdays 2-3 p.m.

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice? The kind teachers at Secret Stash Yoga are offering a cannabis-friendly space that fuses the incredible benefits of both cannabis and yoga. These classes are a held at Studio A64, a private cannabis club located in the heart of Colorado Springs. Since the venue is private, guests can seamlessly infuse cannabis into their practice, under the direction of experienced instructors who strive to maintain a safe an educational space.

Cannabis is optional in for this one-hour yoga class but, if you’d like to partake, the standard policy is BYOC. If you’d like to consume, note that the class offers a social consumption circle before and after the class — so come early or plan to stay a little later to enjoy the full benefits!


Cannabis-Friendly Fly Fishing Tours

Prices vary (see website)

By reservation only

If you’re looking to get out of the city and into nature while experiencing the benefits of cannabis, look no further than Estes Park outfitter, Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountains. They offer a selection of tour options, such as the privately-guided Full Baked tour, led by local fishing celebrity and cannabis lover, Bob “Doc” Young. You will tour through beautiful mountain streams and lakes as you explore some of the best places to fly fish in the Rocky Mountains, all while enjoying your preferred method of cannabis consumption!

The Full Baked tour starts at $650 for one person and $100 for each additional person added to the tour (you can have up to three guests). They also offer a Half-Baked Tour for half the time and cost. Prices include a shuttle to and from guest lodging, a boxed lunch, and snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Bring your own cannabis, in your preferred form of consumption!


420 Airport Pickup

Prices vary (see website) 

By reservation only

420 Airport Pickup is a great option for the canna-curious coming from out of town! All pickups (and drop-offs) are at Denver International Airport and include a stop at a local retail marijuana shop, plus a 10 percent discount on all items purchased. After you’ve stocked up, the shuttle will drop you off at your hotel. Going to the mountains? Don’t fret! For a fee, 420 Airport Pickup will shuttle you to any ski resort in the state of Colorado.  

Local shuttle services in Denver start at $79 per person for up to four people. This includes a 10 percent discount at the retail dispensary and vaporizer rental options. Shuttles costs to and from a ski area vary depending on the selected resort, so be sure to check the website for more detailed information. 420 Airport Pickups also offers shuttles to Red Rocks Amphitheater, as well as custom marijuana tours around the city of Denver. Should you choose to use their services for your return trip to the airport, they will welcome you back with a 20 percent discount.

Words and Photos by Caitlin Murphy