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In our winter edition, Kelsey Kennedy covers the growing sport of ice climbing in Colorado and highlights some of our state’s best spots to enjoy it. As a bonus feature to her article, we’re including clothing and gear recommendations from Colorado Mountain School (IG: coloradomountainschool). If you’re interested in giving ice climbing a try, Colorado Mountain School offers a robust schedule of Introduction to Ice Climbing from December to March. Check out all the courses and guide services they offer on their website:
 Click on the names of the products below to find them for more information or purchase.

Climbing pack: Camp’s M4 Pack

Harness: Camp’s Laser CR

Helmet: Camp’s Titan Helmet

Technical ice tools: Camp’s X-All Mountain Ice Axe

12-Point crampons: Camp’s Crampons

Locking carabiners: Camp’s Guide Lock Carabiners

Belay/Rappel device: Camp’s Pic Belay Device

Double-length sewn runner: Camp’s 11mm Express Dyneema

Adjustable trekking poles: Camp’s Backcountry Carbon Poles

Camp isn’t the only brand that offers excellent ice climbing equipment options, but their performance equipment can help you determine what to invest in. Climbers will also want to consider optional items like snowshoes, a climbing rack, a thermos, and hand/toe heaters.

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