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Febra's BoutiqueWhen you enter Febra’s Boutique and Gallery in Old Colorado City you most likely will be greeted by the sweetest, southern accent in town! That cheery voice is that of Febra Pope, the proprietor of her namesake boutique.

Febra Pope
Febra Pope, proprietor

This Southern woman started her retail career back in Texas at the age of 14, by working for a large, long-standing department store. She stayed in retail becoming a manager of a children’s shop and finally ventured out on her own by opening a store called, The LadyBug. Several moves and many years later she eventually found herself in Colorado Springs. Never imagining she would work in retail again, Febra visited a local, downtown boutique and suddenly was ushered back into the world of women’s retail, working in the store several years. After being involved in the downtown shop and then with a consignment store, Febra saw herself being drawn back into ownership.colorful purses at febra's boutique
Febra never thought she would own a retail shop again but I suppose the allure of being a business owner really never leaves, so in June of 2015 Febra and her husband, Dave, opened her eclectic boutique on a prominent corner in Old Colorado City.
Being a boutique owner this time around is certainly much different than her Texas days but she is loving it. Instead of a few dresses and accessories, Febra now features 32 artists in her boutique and gallery, in addition to a considerable selection of apparel, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Mixed-media artwork on her walls will draw you in and enhances the diversity in the shop. Nearly all of her artists are local to Colorado Springs and she usually has one of these artists on hand for you to meet during the monthly Art Walk in Old Colorado City (on the first Friday of the month). One of the artists even set up a station out front of her store during art walk and taught children how to paint.

So why include so much art in a women’s boutique? Febra shares that, “My main goal for this store was to have fun! I wanted it to be a fun store.” It certainly is that as there was so much to take in. Rack and racks of adorable dresses and jackets. The summer sandals are incredibly affordable, amazing silver jewelry, fun hats, and just when I thought I had seen everything – I noticed a door leading to a back room. In this cozy corner, snuggled in a cove behind the counter, was just about any layering item you could ever need for your closet: leggings, camisoles, scarves – essentials in every color imaginable.
In addition to keeping her store fun, Febra works hard to make sure all her apparel stays affordable. You will be hard-pressed to find anything over $5o and her average price for apparel is around $22. Yet, the featured artwork and hand-crafted silver jewelry are a well-selected collection of high-quality craftsmanship.
pink outfit
When asked how she likes having her shop in Old Colorado City, Febra was quick to answer, “Looooove the location! I mean, I do not think I would be doing as well if I was not in Old Colorado City because we have the local people who really help us, and then the tourist business is huge, and it’s year-round.”
After only 3 months of being in business, Febra received the Colorado Springs Independent Bronze Award for the Best Non-Chain Women’s Store. She and her husband had no idea they had even been nominated – what an achievement!
metal jewelry tree
Handcrafted metal art by a local artist is used as a jewelry display.

The boutique and gallery is open 7 days a week, and for small business owners that often means very little time off. They are able to employ 5-6 ladies part-time, but much of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of Febra and her husband, Dave, which means sometimes working until 2 am to get all the buying and administrative work done. Febra does all the buying while Dave makes sure the store is merchandised well. In addition to running the physical store, Febra is working on launching a website:

With all that she has going on, Febra still finds time to play in a tennis league and hang out with her grandchildren. Her love of people and children was so evident when I was interviewing her.
Febra loves to give back as well so occasionally they hold a Charity night in their store, where 20-25% of the sales go back to the featured charity of the evening.

The care and interest that Febra and Dave have for their customers are evident the minute you walk in the door. I had not been there to see them in nearly a year, yet when I walked in the door, Dave immediately remembered me and my name – though they did not know I was stopping by. That left an immeasurable and positive impression. You will feel so welcome when you visit Febra’s and will certainly find something adorable and affordable at the same time!
Visit Febra’s 7 days a week at 2532 W. Colorado Ave – located in Old Colorado City.

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