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By Jewels Burdick
West Side Tattoo was founded on May 28, 2005 by brothers Aaron and Brian Moore. This place has become an icon, known for our customer service, quality, and leadership in the cleanliness of the studio. They put their hearts into every piece, large or small. They are also the only Authorized Dealer of Sullen Clothing in Colorado Springs.
Aaron Moore has spent 20 years collecting antique and vintage tattoo gear and memorabilia. Today, Westside Tattoo’s basement is a complete museum of the history of tattoo culture. From old tattoo posters and advertisements to stencil walls and sterilization mechanisms, Moore has enough to tell an epic tale. He’s still working on writing information about his collection, and few people know about the basement museum. He said schools and clients are usually the only visitors, but anyone is welcome. He likes to walk through with people so he can explain everything.
Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 7pm
2031 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Tel: 719-219-4800

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